Funded and Non-funded Facilities

Scarlet Consultants is not just a services company, we’re the consultants that can take your business to the next level – whatever that level happens to be. We can assist with arranging financing and funding for your company through our connections and association with various banks and lenders from around the world. We can connect your business with the right people at the right time to ensure funding for your expansion goals, your day-to-day operations, facilities cost, and investments in your infrastructure.

We offer much more than just introductions:

We’ve been working in this field for years, and our team has the connections and knowledge to quickly identify and contact ideal financing partners for your business.

We know how money works on the international stage, and this allows us to craft unique and specific solutions to your cash-flow and investment needs.

Sometimes investment simply can’t come soon enough, and weeks spent spinning the wheels can be the difference between success and failure. We have the contacts to be able to work quickly and efficiently to solve both long-term and immediate funding problems.

Here at Scarlet Consultants, we can assist our clients in an efficient and effective manner with a wide range of potential services, including:

  • Working Capital Facilities
  • Trade Finance Facility Limits
  • SME Finance and Business Loans (Conventional and Islamic)
  • LC and TR Facilities
  • Letters of Credit and Bank Guarantees
  • Term Loans

We know that it‘s not only the amount of investment needed that‘s important, it‘s the source of the funds as well. We can leverage our connections and experience to locate the perfect match between investor and company to bring our clients the right investor or loan opportunity for their needs. And we don‘t arrange meetings or even loans and then walk away with our fee: We always work to be true partners, to help manage relationships and transactions going forward to ensure that your company's financial stability and liquidity remain robust and capable of achieving your business goals both today and in the future.